STATEMENT FEE - $5.00 per mo

DEBIT CARD - 0.25%

CARD SWIPE - 1.40%




APPROVALS - 89% Approval

Our service allows our clients to focus on
their business and not on the numbers. 

“We provide our customers above all peace of mind" 

It's all about the rates in this business If you care about the buttom line, then you understand why we take pride of our rates.

Merchant Services is one of several efficient credit card processing services that exist all over the globe. 

Merchant Services offers data processing services to businesses as well as matching them with their best provider.

Every customer has access to reliable merchant account services as well as constant customer service available around the clock.

Businesses may be able to get fast approval in a 24 hour period depending on their bank! PaySpace offers no monthly or annual fees and provides instant integration with a site as well as affordable data processing rates. 

Not only can you get rates through Merchant Services, you can find other reliable providers that might match your needs. Either way, you'll be linking up with a business and service that can provide you with results.  

When it comes to credit card processing services, no two companies that are alike.

If your business is planning on accepting credit and debit cards in addition to cash, you'll have to select a credit card company that will help you accept them.

Companies vary in many things, including their credit card processing rates, types of cards accepted, and more.

Businesses will pay for the upfront costs when it comes to credit card processing fees, but may gain additional sales from accepting more than just cash for transactions.

They offer the very best in service as well as additional features that can be altered to meet specific needs for small businesses. They will be able to match you up with processors that have sterling reputations as well as the right credit card processing rates for you. 



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